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Customer Journey Maps for Marketers: Understand, Deliver, and Exceed Expectations

March 9, 2021


The process of journey mapping is powerful.

It gives you an understanding of your customers’ journey. What brought them to you. What motivates them. What scares them. And how your organization can address those desires and hesitations with empathy and understanding at each touchpoint.

With 10 bite-sized lessons, designed for marketers by marketers, this Master Class will demystify the mapping process. After you’ve completed all of the lessons, you’ll have a visual representation of your customer journey that you can use to create an experience that is truly customer-centric.

You have multiple ways to complete the lessons and earn your certificate of completion:

  1. Attend all of the Watch Parties
  2. Attend some Watch Parties and complete the rest of the lessons on-demand
  3. Watch all of the lessons on-demand (starting March 9) when it works for you

Master Classes are designed to give you the very best online learning experience with:

  • Access to live viewing parties with Q&A, so you can stay focused and ask the instructor any questions that come up along the way
  • Comprehensive step-by-step instruction (exactly what you need: no more, no less)
  • Bite-sized lessons so you can stop and start on your schedule
  • High quality audio (because there’s nothing more distracting than echoes!), crisp video, and stellar graphics
  • A certificate of completion to proudly showcase to your boss (or future boss) that you’ve mastered marketing strategy


The Master Class lessons are broken down into bite-sized chunks to make learning (and retaining what you learn) easy.

  • Customer Experience Goes Beyond Marketing

    Your customer’s journey is a series of unique interactions with your brand. The touchpoints between you and your customer create their journey. See your business from your customer’s point of view.

  • Determine Your Goals

    A map is all about getting somewhere! In this lesson, you’ll determine the goals of both your brand and your customers.

  • Get the Right Data

    Discover how to utilize your marketing and customer experience data, feedback from customers, and input from employees to see things from your customer’s perspective.

  • Stages of the Journey

    Each customer’s journey is unique, but every customer journey includes certain stages. Learn what typical stages you can use to build your journey map.

  • Thinking/Feeling/Doing: Customer Actions and Experiences

    Discover what your customers are actually experiencing as they travel through their journey with your brand.

  • Channels, Touchpoints, and Moments of Truth

    Do you know what channels are more important to your customers? Understanding these interactions help define the moments where you can have the biggest impact.

  • Pain Points & Opportunities

    What are the barriers that can stop your customer from progressing at each stage and touchpoint? Areas of friction. Roadblocks. Points where customers get stuck or frustrated.

  • Business Goals & KPIs

    Customer journey maps should drive results! You’ll learn to define these outcomes and assign appropriate KPI’s to deliver on them.

  • Leading Actionable Outcomes

    Your journey map will show you where improvements are needed. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to drive those improvements with cross-functional support, coalition building, and marketing leadership.

  • You Have Your CJM! Now What?

    Your Customer Journey Map is a tool. Discover how you can use it now and into the future to drive change, improve your customer communications, and create better customer experiences?