COVID-19 restrictions have impacted events being held, however, during this time we will continue to share local Australian and international digital events you can attend online. So keep on learning, improving your skills and networking!

Pause Awards 2023

PauseAwards are on the lookout for the most ambitious and forward-thinking companies and individuals who are driving innovation and transformation across various industries in the country. Entries for the Pause Awards ‘23 open on 17 May, Since its inception, the Pause Awards have recognized over 250 bold companies and individuals as an independent innovation agent,... READ MORE

GENZA Conference – Melbourne – Youth Marketing Conference

Mic Drop Level 5, 111 Cecil Street, South Melbourne, VIC, Australia

GENZA CONFERENCE 2023: DECIPHERING YOUTH CONSUMERS Dive into the pulsating heart of Gen Z and Gen Alpha with the premier event dedicated to helping you fully understand tomorrow's consumers. At GENZA 2023, you won't just listen; you'll experience, learn, and connect. Whether you're a Marketing Manager, Social Media Maestro, or Brand Guardian, arm yourself with... READ MORE

Essentials of Marketing with the American Management Association


As a business professional, you need to have a clear understanding of your markets and what drives your customers' decisions to buy. In this course, you’ll get modern techniques for analyzing markets and quantifying customer needs, wants, and preferences (NWP). Learn tactics to utilize the 4 Ps of Marketing (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion) and... READ MORE

Virtual Conference: Martech: Automation & AI


Explore the cutting-edge technologies transforming the marketing landscape, with expert speakers sharing insights on harnessing automation and AI to boost your campaigns. All conference material, including presentations, will be available on-demand in the 2023 AMA Martech Virtual Conference Attendee Hub within 24 hours, if not sooner.

Deep Dive into AI


A one-day virtual event that will address the marketing touch points you need to drive and impact your strategy. The latest in game-changing tactics and tools impacting your current marketing strategy: Accessibility AI & Chat GPT B2B Marketing Branding Content Planning & Development Creative & Design Customer Journeys Data & Analytics Disruptive Tech eCommerce Email... READ MORE

Looking Ahead | Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2024


With digital presence holding unprecedented importance in this day and age, the marketing landscape is undergoing a whirlwind transformation. The strategies that worked yesterday may not cut it tomorrow. Join us to hear from industry experts as they unveil the emerging digital marketing trends to watch out for in 2024. Picture AI-fueled campaigns that set... READ MORE

Global Virtual MarTech Exchange Summit APAC 2023


As an integral part of The Global MarTech Summit, the APAC track promises to uncover both challenges and success stories in the realm of MarTech, predictive analytics, marketing strategy, and upcoming trends specific to the APAC region. Join us at the event, where we will cover Digital Revolution and MarTech Innovation through topics on Marketing... READ MORE

Beginner’s Guide to Digital Marketing

Understanding the landscape and strategy of Digital Marketing today is key to building your brand and driving the bottom line for your business. In this free, two-hour livestream, you’ll explore... READ MORE

Beginner’s Guide to Product Management


Product management is the ultimate craft of shaping ideas into reality, and it's hotter than a freshly brewed cup of coffee. It's all about bringing together technology, creativity, and business... READ MORE