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APG presents Battle of Big Thinking at Vivid

June 4, 2019 @ 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

“Has trust left the building?”

Trust has been linked to every business and every kind of human emotion. But how does it connect to modern life?

Is it tangible? Is it intangible? Does it live in institutions, in people, in leaders, in brands? or is it up to every individual to decide.

Is Australia a nation that has been taught not to trust? To only offer it as the ultimate reward. Have we been taught to start from distrust, to be more cynical and to always expect someone or something to let us down? Or are we more tolerant and expecting of trust breaches? Can they still break a deal? Once trust is lost can it ever be truly regained? Or does it even exist anymore?

In today’s modern world, standards are in flux and everything has become more movable, more flippant and more transient. That means key values that guide business are shifting too. They are eroding and also being redefined with the way brands and business work. In this climate is it naïve to hope that trust will remain a key guiding principle of how we engage and how we operate?

Grappling with the question “has trust left the building?” will be tricky. It will take the most trusted and brilliant minds around to provoke, to debate, to convince and to put forward a credible and trustworthy point of view.

Come along and listen for yourself at The Battle of Big Thinking, an APG event at Vivid Sydney this June.

Diving into the trust fray will never be this much fun again.

This event is being held in partnership with Powered, a division of Nine Entertainment.

2019 Speakers

  • Lisa Davies, Editor, Sydney Morning Herald
  • Carl Ratcliff, Chief Strategy Officer, DDB, Sydney
  • Peter Fray, Co-Director at Centre for Media Transition, University of Technology Sydney
  • Kate Smither, Chief Strategy Officer & APG co-Chair, Publicis Communications
  • Fran Clayton, Chief Strategy Officer, McCann Australia
  • David Warren, Group Strategy Director, BMF