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Google AdWords: How to Set Up a Campaign in 10 Simple Steps

If you’re not familiar with Google Adwords, then you’re missing out on an incredible online marketing opportunity. Google Adwords is the most popular pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform in the entire world. Understanding the ins and outs of Google Adwords is an incredibly complex topic. From creating effective ad groups, and relevant matching keywords to writing compelling AdWords adverts, there is so much to learn and master.

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Statistics for Social Media Usage in Australia: What They Mean for Your Online Marketing Efforts

Almost everyone has caught on to the idea that you need to have an online presence if you’re going to have any presence at all. It’s easy enough to put together a basic website, but to ensure that your website pops up on the first page of a Google search, things gets a little more complicated. You really have to figure out how to make yourself seen and heard in the jungle that is the online sphere. One way to get noticed: social media.

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Marketing Conferences and Events July 2015

Winter can be tough, but this year, instead of letting the cooler climate keep you indoors, look at it as an opportunity. Why not use your spare time to brush up on your marketing know-how? Use the Winter of 2015 to learn some more about search engine optimisation, or content marketing, or even digital marketing. There’s plenty on, so there’s sure to be something that takes your fancy!

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Top Tips for Successful Search Marketing

Search marketing, search engine optimisation, pay per click advertising. It can all seem a little overwhelming. But it really needn’t. No longer are all these fields the domain of tech-geeks and IT wizards. More and more, they really are becoming part of mainstream marketing. And, once you know the basics, all these concepts are very easy to get your head around. What is Search Marketing? Search marketing is a type of online marketing. It covers all efforts to gain traffic and visibility from the search engines (like Google) through both organic (search engine optimisation or SEO) and paid (search engine marketing or SEM) efforts. Search marketing is all about ensuring that, when Internet users type your targeted search term into Google, your website ranks as high as humanly possible. Tips for Successful Search Engine Optimisation Contrary to popular belief, here at, we believe that search engine optimisation (or SEO) is something everyone can do. It’s not witchcraft or dark arts. There’s no secret handshake or initiation ceremony. SEO is simply another aspect of marketing. While we don’t expect that everyone will be able to become an expert, we do believe that everyone can get a handle on the basics. The goal of SEO is not to game, or cheat, the search engines. Rather, it is to create an enjoyable, seamless user experience and to communicate to the search engines that your website is relevant, and includes high-quality material, related to specific subjects. Like the rest of us, search engines (whether its Google or Yahoo or Bing) just want to do their job as best they can. The job... read more

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