Have you been thinking that you really should update your diary and get along to some Australian marketing industry conferences and events? They are a great opportunity for you to learn and network with industry colleagues, thought leaders and innovators.

Conferences, workshops, training and seminars can help stimulate the creative juices and give you an insight into exactly what all your peers are up to.

We’ve compiled is a comprehensive list of upcoming Australian marketing, media and advertising conferences and events. Take a look. You never know; one might just take your fancy.

Upcoming Australian Marketing Conferences and Events

JULY 2014

IAB Training: Digital Media Sales

3 to 4 July 2014, Melbourne
17 and 24 July, Sydney

Learn how to effectively sell digital media solutions to your customers at this Interactive Advertising Bureau event. The guest speakers for the event include Ellie Rogers, Head of Agency, Australia & New Zealand, Facebook and Sarah Hassanin, Managing Director, Videology Australia & New Zealand. Topics to be covered include:

  • How to effectively respond to a digital brief and how to approach the best solution to meet the brief
  • How and when to best utilise multi-media solutions, incorporating mobile, social and data
  • How to use search and social digital tools (like Google Trends and Social Baker) to gather research and insights
  • How to create a digital media schedule and understand the key components
  • Digital advertising measurement, new reporting tools and optimisation capabilities to deliver ROI

For more information visit: www.iabaustralia.com.au

Joining Forces – Networx Sydney

8 July 2014, Sydney

What has a logistics company got to do with fashionistas? Or a health brand have in common with an Australian pop sensation? Find out at our 8 July Networx event – ‘Joining Forces’.

Next month at Criniti’s in Wolloomoolo, Networx invites three marketing executives to share how their companies are aligning with companies, brands and personalities to create more cut through in the market. Our speakers include: Swisse’s Head of Partnerships, Community and Media, Mitch Catlin, DHL’s Corporate Communications Manager, Tara Hayes and Shine Australia’s Head of Brand Partnerships, Meredith Fraser. The panel will share the power of ‘joining forces’ for their brands and how you too can maximise a strategic brand partnership.

DHL will share how they are working with the fashion industry through sponsorships, scholarships and other initiatives to connect with the fashion audience, whilst Swisse will outline how Jessica Mauboy and other big names are generating buzz for their brand. You will also learn what is involved in a Masterchef product placement opportunity or investment with The Biggest Loser.

For more information visit: http://networxevents.com.au/sydney/

IAB Training: Digital Fundamentals

8 and 15 July 2014, Sydney
7 and 8 August 2014, Melbourne

This comprehensive introduction to digital advertising will be led by Ellie Rogers, Head of Agency, Australia & New Zealand, Facebook and Sarah Hassanin, Managing Director, Videology Australia & New Zealand. Topics to be covered include:

  • The Australian digital landscape and how digital and technology is changing the ways in which consumers interact with brands
  • How to gather audience insights to create and develop a bespoke content strategy
  • When to use rich media formats and how to calculate true ROI
  • How to use the latest search and social digital tools to gather research & insights such as Social Baker and Google Trends
  • Creating a digital media schedule and how to calculate key metrics
  • Insights on how digital is measured and optimised
  • Creative inspiration by the latest, most innovative creative executions in Australia and globally, from new creative formats, branded content, cross media executions and social media activations

For more information visit: www.iabaustralia.com.au

What Journalists Love and Hate About Your PR Pitches

9 July 2014, Adelaide

In the latest PR60 session, PRIA SA President Leila Henderson will present the results of the National Media Survey of over 2,000 journalists. Key outcomes include:

  • Strengthen your media relationships by delivering what journalists want;
  • Candid responses will provide PR practitioners with some valuable insights into the mind of a journalists; and
  • Gain ‘cut through’ to busy journalists by taking these survey findings and implementing them straight away.

For more information visit: www.pria.com.au

ADMA Victoria Guru Breakfast – Loyalty Schmoyalty: in a digital world, what’s the point?

10 July 2014, Melbourne

This breakfast will feature: Adam Posner, CEO, Directivity; Peter Zafiris, Manager Sales & Marketing BlueScope Australia & New Zealand; and Leah Grinter, Director of Marketing, United Inn-keeper Association Ltd. Given the continuous impact of digital channels and mobility on customer interaction with business, is the pursuit of customer loyalty through loyalty programs worthwhile? Drawing on insights from two recent Australian research studies on loyalty programs – “For Love or Money” and “Share the Love” (released March 2014), Adam Posner (co-developer of both studies with Citrus) will be joined by Leah Grinter and Peter Zafiris to share their loyalty program strategies, in and out of the digital world with answers to questions such as:

  • Do you really need a loyalty program to drive loyalty?
  • Do loyalty programs influence buying behaviour?
  • Customer loyalty vs. loyalty programs: Are members of a loyalty program more loyal to the brand of whose program they are a member?
  • What are the two critical strategic pillars of a successful loyalty program?
  • What are the channels of choice for loyalty members?
  • Is a loyalty card still the point of connection or is a mobile app the answer?
  • Creating a successful program without points (Hump Club from Thirsty Camel)
  • How a B2B program with points can work to change buying behaviour (Constructor from BlueScope)

For more information visit: www.adma.com.au

The Future of Video

10 July 2014, Sydney

By the year 2017, online video will account for 69% of ALL consumer internet traffic. Video-on-demand traffic ALONE will have almost trebled and with 72 hours of online video content uploaded to YouTube every minute the numbers are mind boggling.* Couple this with the mobilisation of all forms of video and video starts on mobile devices trebling year on year, agencies, brands, broadcasters and publishers need to understand and influence the opportunities by delivering relevant, timely and personalised video content across all devices and on all platforms. But what do all these incredible statistics and opportunities mean in reality for the creation, management, distribution and monetisation of video consumption? The panel of experts for this event include representatives from Google, the ABC, ANZ, Facebook and Hostworks.

For more information visit: www.aimia.com.au

Spit and Polish: The Value of Great Client Management

12 July 2014, Melbourne

AGDA Victoria is delighted to present a fantastic new workshop with business coach and creative industry expert Jo Gilbert, presented in three sessions between 9am and 3pm:

  • Session 1 – The Value of Your Brief
  • Session 2 – Quoting – An Art and a Science
  • Session 3 – Deadlines, Accountability & Job Reconciliation

Jo will show you some simple and effective ways to stop those dollars from slipping through your fingers by identifying and working through issues that may be blocking you from success.

For more information visit: www.agda.com.au

The Changing Face of Digital

14 July 2014, Sydney

Have you been staring at a screen all day? Chances are you have looked at your phone, your tablet and your computer by the time you read this – you are operating in a digital environment. The creative industry is constantly being challenged by this ever evolving medium. Here are some insights in how to adapt and see what these people are doing to survive and thrive in the changing face of digital. Find ideas and tips for all your digital designs right here at AGDA. This talk will give you three very different approaches to digital and should inspire you about the future and the enormous creative potential it brings for designers and creatives alike. The event will include a panel of three speakers.

For more information visit: www.agda.com.au

Producing Breakfast Radio

15 July 2014, Adelaide

The Public Relations Institute of Australia will enlist the help of an experienced breakfast radio producer to explain the process to you in detail, and show you exactly how to make your stories memorable, and successful. This event is the second in the PR360 series – designed as a 60 minute intensive learning session to improve the skills and knowledge of PR professionals.

For more information visit: www.pria.com.au

Pricing Strategy Workshop

15 July 2014, Sydney

Since the global credit crisis, many professional services industries have seen a marked deterioration in their volume of work and the prices at which they are able to win new work.  Driven by the need to reduce costs and relentless drive for more value, and empowered by intensifying competition for a decreasing volume of work, purchasers have changed their buying behaviour to emphasise the role of price in purchasing. Professional services firms, ill-equipped to deal with these dramatic changes, have responded by engaging in increased (sometimes damaging) price competition. Pier D’Angelo, Australia’s first director of pricing in the legal services industry, and a deeply experienced professional services marketer, will explore why and how professional services firms need to respond to this new reality.

For more information visit: www.apsma.com.au

Turn Sydney Workshop: Branding with Programmatic, Multi-Channel Way

15 July 2014, Sydney

As an extension of our Webinar with Campaign Asia, we’re organizing an afternoon workshop to further address key areas through a live event format in Sydney. There will be presentations and workshop round table followed by networking drinks with fellow participants; agencies and brand marketers.

Agenda outline:

  • Increase your understanding on how programmatic buying can support brand strategy in your market
  • Gain insights from case studies and other market successes and challenges
  • Targeting with a multi-channel strategy
  • How programmatic can drive brand objectives

For more information visit: http://www.turn-live.com/event/apac/sydney-workshop-branding-the-programmatic-multi-channel-way.html

International Social Marketing Conference

17 to July 2014, Melbourne

This two conference, run by the Australian Association of Social Marketing and Monash University, includes keynote speakers from some of the most influence social associations in the world. Social Marketing seeks to develop and integrate marketing concepts with other approaches to influence behaviour that benefits individuals and communities for the greater good. It is guided by ethical principles and seeks to integrate research, best practice, theory and audience. Speakers at the conference include representatives from World Vision, the Red Cross, and Australia’s leading universities.

For more information visit: www.aasm.org.au

Pricing in the New Economy

17 to July 2014, Brisbane

One of the most difficult, yet important issues you must decide when marketing in professional services is how much to charge. Pricing has a greater impact on profitability than any other area, yet many firms lack confidence in their pricing strategy. Professional services firms must develop their pricing competence in order to effectively deal with these increasing client pressures. While there is no one single right way to determine your pricing strategy, fortunately there are some guidelines that will help you with your decision. This seminar will provide a comprehensive framework for assessing your firm’s approach to pricing. The seminar will cover a number of case studies and personal experience that will encourage you to identify opportunities to drive revenue and profit growth within your firm.

For more information visit: www.apsma.com.au

The Death of Marketing

23 July 2014, Brisbane

Marketing is being murdered. But it’s not being killed by regulators or by social networks or by special interests. It is being killed by bad marketing. Marketing that is reckless, irresponsible and dangerous to our profession. And maybe not in the way you would expect. Let’s look at what goes wrong and why. And more importantly, let’s fight back for a profession and a craft worth fighting for. The keynote speaker for the event is Joe Talcott, Chief Marketing Officer for Michael Hill. Prior to this he worked for McDonald’s and the News Corporation.

For more information visit: www.ami.org.au

Are You Managing Your Key Clients Effectively?

23 July 2014, Adelaide

Key account management (KAM) involves special attention being given to a firm’s most important customers, often through the use of teams comprising sales executives and specialists from other areas of the firm. Professional service firms usually do not have formal sales forces. Instead, partners and senior managers typically undertake business development and relationship building activities as part of their range of responsibilities. Therefore, effective KAM operations in professional service firms are likely to be very different to those in traditional markets. Dr John Wilkinson, Associate Head of School- Marketing, University of South Australia, will explain why an effective client management approach incorporating key account management principles for major clients is important to professional service firms in a competitive environment. He also will discuss likely implications, including the need to consider how partners and senior managers can better manage clients in a relationship-selling manner.

For more information visit: www.apsma.com.au

The Future of Design, Creativity and Technology

24 July 2014, Sydney

Advances in technology and consumer connectivity are providing previously unattainable opportunities for design and creativity. How the digital and creative industries leverage this cutting-edge innovation, as well as overcoming the unique hurdles presented, will define digital design for 2014 and beyond. On the 24th July discover how these disruptive technologies are transforming the way experiences are delivered and how this impacts agencies, publishers and brands alike. The panel of experts will include the Rod Farmer from Isobar, Philip Andrews from Liquid State, Claire Cahill from Adobe, Glen MacPherson from Arnold Worldwide and Jason Davey from Bullseye.

For more information visit: www.aimia.com.au

ADMA Global Forum

28 to 30 July 2014, Sydney

Discover the most innovative marketing and advertising thinking, shared by the world’s most accomplished creative minds, data-driven marketers and advertising thought-leaders. The forum explores leading-edge concepts, practices and insights that you won’t find anywhere else. This event is about bringing you the very best from around the globe.

For more information visit: www.adma.com.au/adma-global-forum

Reinvent Your Business

28 and 29 July 2014, Brisbane

New and innovative business models are altering workplaces, and industries, everywhere. In order to survive, businesses need to constantly evaluate their business models. Whether you are a sole-trader or part of a larger organisation; just starting out in your career or a seasoned veteran, you will walk away from these workshops with a deeper understanding of what it takes for a business to be sustainable and profitable in a challenging economy. You will gain practical tools to describe, design, challenge, invent and reinvent your business… or that of your clients.

For more information visit: www.agda.com.au

Evolving Digital Careers

29 July 2014, Brisbane

Want an update on the most sought after jobs in digital today? Keen to find out how some leading digital agencies are recruiting and developing their digital superstars? Interested in learning how to enhance your own personal brand online and give yourself a competitive edge in the world of digital? If you answered ‘Yes!’ to at least one of these questions or more, then this special AIMIA event is one you simply cannot afford to miss!

For more information visit: www.aimia.com.au

Interactive Minds Digital Summit

30 July 2014, Brisbane

The Interactive Minds Digital Summit is Queensland’s dedicated digital marketing conference. The day will showcase innovation, success and best practice to inspire your digital marketing activity. Interactive Minds has been running monthly digital marketing seminars for over 5 years and attracted over 1,000 attendees in 2013. Our previous speakers have included Google, Cudo, Bank of Queensland, Facebook, News Queensland, Lorna Jane, Wotif, Suncorp, Bupa and many more. We pride ourselves on presenting quality events to benefit the digital marketing industry.

For more information visit: http://digitalsummit2014.com.au


Government Marketing and Communications Conference

7 to 8 August 2014, Melbourne

This conference is hosted every year by the Australian Marketing Institute and is attended by more than 200 delegates. Every keynote address is targeted specifically at public sector marketing and communications professionals, and tailored for the government environment.

For more information visit: www.ami.org.au

Content Strategy Workshop

12 August 2014, Sydney
26 August 2014, Melbourne

The Content Strategy Workshop will be running in again Sydney and Melbourne, August 2014. This one-day practical and interactive workshop helps participants build a Content Strategy Framework that drives demand and engagement across digital channels. Workshop Facilitator: Jonathan Crossfield – Storyteller, Writer and Content Marketing Consultant

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Build an integrated content strategy that unifies all elements to deliver your brand story across digital channels
  2. Streamline the process for planning, creation, publishing and governance of digital content
  3. Produce consistently relevant and compelling digital content to enhance online customer engagement
  4. Implement a content-led digital marketing model that engages customers at every stage of the buying cycle
  5. Develop a clear plan to test, measure and refine your content strategy

For more information visit: http://www.digitaltrainingevents.com/

CMO Summit 2014

18 to 20 August 2014, Gold Coast

The Fifth Annual CMO Summit is the premium forum bringing elite buyers and sellers together. As an invitation-only event taking place behind closed doors, the summit offers chief marketing executives and agencies and consultants an intimate environment for a focused discussion of the key new drivers shaping the marketing agenda.

For more information visit: http://www.me-uk.com/summit/newsletter.asp?eventid=20593&RecID=7735&me_cid=33147&Date=4/23/2014%205:26:40%20AM&AD=cmoanzmore

IAB Training: Ad Operations

21 August 2014, Melbourne

This event will be a practical introduction to digital ad operations. Topics covered will include:

  • Terminology and jargon
  • How to traffic a campaign and upload creative
  • How to track, measure and optimize your campaign for maximum results
  • Managing inventory and yield to achieve optimal value for your campaigns
  • Explore some of the major ad-serving platforms available to fully understand how to use ad management systems
  • Reporting and measurement and optimization plays a key role
  • Cookies and targeting: including how behavourial targeting and re-targeting works

For more information visit: http://www.iabaustralia.com.au

Marketing Week 2014

25 to 29 August 2014, Adelaide

The largest annual marketing conference of its kind in Australia brought to you by the AMI will bring together presenters and delegates representing a range of industries including marketing, advertising, graphic design, and market research.

For more information visit: http://www.ami.org.au/imis15/AMI/Events/National_Conferences/AMI/Event_Content/National_Conferences.aspx

Problogger Training Event

29 to 30 August 2014, Gold Coast

At this event you’ll learn from experienced international and local speakers with practical training you can go away and implement. The ‘Foundation’ sessions are for bloggers who are starting out or want to revisit the basics and then the in depth ‘Going Pro’ sessions are for bloggers who are already profiting but want to go to the next level. Fee includes catering and Friday networking event.

For more information visit: www.probloggerevents.com


AMSRS Conference

4 to 5 September 2014, Melbourne

Gain access to a world of new ideas, information and opportunities with the Australian Market & Social Research Society Annual Conference from international keynote speakers and thought leaders. Explore new thinking, technological updates, methodological updates and emerging trends while experiencing prime networking opportunities.

For more information visit: www.amsrs.com.au/conference-information

Digital Brand Strategy Workshop

9 September 2014, Sydney

The Digital Brand Strategy Workshop will be running in Sydney and Melbourne, September / October 2014. This one-day practical and interactive workshop helps participants build their Brand Story consistently and effectively across digital channels. Facilitated by Tony Eades – Brand Strategist, Creative Director and Strategic Marketing Consultant. Limited to only 20 participants. Learning Outcomes:

  1. Develop an integrated Digital Brand Strategy that aligns your business, marketing and digital objectives
  2. Build a unique brand story that properly represents and differentiates your business
  3. Implement a brand messaging framework that drives all of your marketing and communications
  4. Create unique and engaging brand experiences across digital channels
  5. Establish meaningful brand metrics to measure and improve brand performance
  6. Discover the four actions companies must now take in order to attract visitors, generate leads and covert customers

For more information visit: http://www.brandstrategyworkshop.com/

Western Australia Marketing and Business Networking Congress

9 to 10 September 2014, Perth

The congress is a joint initiative between the Australia Marketing Institute, the Public Relations Institute of Australia, the Communications Council and the Australian Market and Social Research Society. It is a chance to hear the latest updates in the field of marketing and to network with a wide variety of colleagues.

For more information visit: www.ami.org.au>


PRIA Victoria: 10th Anniversary Women in PR Forum 2014

10 October 2014, Melbourne

PRIA invites ladies and gentlemen to the 10th anniversary Women in PR Forum on Friday, 10 October 2014. This will be the tenth consecutive Women in PR Forum held in Victoria, and with your support will be the best yet. Book your seat or a table and join more than 300 of Victoria’s most influential women for a thought-provoking afternoon of conversations. As well as being a professional development opportunity, the 2014 Women in PR Forum raises money for a charity each year.

For more information visit: www.pria.com.au

IAB Training: Data for Advertising

23 October 2014, Sydney
A deeper look into what data means in the advertising world. This one day courses looks specifically at the use of data for advertising, more specifically campaign targeting, optimisation and verification. Topics to be covered include:

  • Understand how using audience data is changing the way in which marketers are thinking about engaging their consumers
  • Learn what DMP’s do and why clients, publishers and media agencies are investing so heavily in proprietary data solutions
  • Explore how data is being used to verify campaign success metrics and the challenges traditional research companies are facing with panel based measurement tools
  • Data privacy and protection and how this is affecting your business and you as a consumer
  • How data is being applied in the programmatic trading space and how this is evolving traditional media planning and buying
  • A global look at data usage and how Australia differs from markets across Europe and the US

For more information visit: www.iabaustralia.com.au

IAB Training: Programatic Trading

30 October 2014, Melbourne
The only training course in Australia focused on the impact of programmatic technology on digital media planning and buying. Topics to be covered will include:

  • The basics of programmatic trading like acronyms and key players
  • Real time bidding and he benefits of this type of buying
  • The inventory landscape – understand how open exchanges, networks and private marketplaces work
  • Opportunities and the challenges of programmatic trading
  • How to run and optimise digital campaigns through real-time bidding

For more information visit: www.iabaustralia.com.au