Have you been thinking that you really should update your diary and get along to some Australian marketing industry conferences and events? They are a great opportunity for you to learn and network with industry colleagues, thought leaders and innovators.

Conferences, workshops, training and seminars can help stimulate the creative juices and give you an insight into exactly what all your peers are up to.

We’ve compiled is a comprehensive list of upcoming Australian marketing, media and advertising conferences and events. Take a look. You never know; one might just take your fancy.

Upcoming Australian Marketing Conferences and Events


SMG Media Futures

5 August 2014, Brisbane

SMG Media Futures is one of Australia’s most authoritative predictors of expected advertising budget growth, and is the only survey of its kind for national advertisers and key media executives. For the 2014 half-yearly predictions, we have reinvented Media Futures for the new paid, earned, and owned dynamic world of media and consumer brand interactions. Starcom MediaVest Group and the AANA are delighted to invite you to a debrief on the key findings during this Queensland event, followed by a panel discussion on the critical issues.

For more information visit: www.aana.com.au

Cannes Lion Download

5 August 2014, Sydney
6 August 2014, Melbourne

The AANA, in partnership with Cannes Lions and News Corp, will present a Cannes Download for Australian Marketers of the 61st Cannes Lions Festival. This event will bring back to our shores the Best of the Festival. The session will include presentations by Terry Savage, Chairman of Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Fiorella Di Santo, Director of Sales at News Corp Australia and Liz Deegan, Group Editorial Commercial Director, News Corp Australia.

For more information visit: www.aana.com.au

PRIA Emerging Practitioners: PR Anonymous

6 August 2014, Melbourne

PR Anonymous is a free gathering of students, graduates, job seekers, and interns with high aspirations in the Public Relations industry. It is purposefully different from the usually formal ‘business networking’ format, making it accessible, informative, and relaxed. At PR Anonymous, you will connect and converse with like-minded people to build the skills and networks vital for entering the competitive PR industry. Every month, there will be different industry speakers.

For more information visit: www.pria.com.au

Digital Bricks and Mortar

7 August 2014, Sydney

The consumer journey and path-to-purchase has changed forever…From awareness and branding, through conversion and transaction, to CRM and establishing a lifetime value, commerce is now fully mobile, both transactionally and experientially. Join AIMIA and Research Now to discover how eRetailers as well as traditional bricks and mortar outlets are tackling a new and unique set of challenges that a fully digitised and fully mobile consumer presents. We’ll look to uncover how mobile is now the connective tissue in an increasingly non-linear path to purchase and how to marry the benefits of a personalised digital experience with the more emotive physical journey.

For more information visit: www.aimia.com.au

IAB Training: Digital Fundamentals

7 and 8 August 2014, Melbourne

This two day course is a comprehensive introduction to digital advertising. Learning outcomes include:

  • The Australian digital landscape and how digital and technology is changing the ways in which consumers interact with brands
  • How to gather audience insights to create and develop a bespoke content strategy
  • When to use rich media formats and how to calculate true ROI
  • How to use the latest search and social digital tools to gather research & insights such as Social Baker and Google Trends
  • Creating a digital media schedule and how to calculate key metrics
  • Insights on how digital is measured and optimised
  • Creative inspiration by the latest, most innovative creative executions in Australia and globally, from new creative formats, branded content, cross media executions and social media activations

For more information visit: www.iabaustralia.com.au

Government Marketing and Communications Conference

7 to 8 August 2014, Melbourne

This conference is hosted every year by the Australian Marketing Institute and is attended by more than 200 delegates. Every keynote address is targeted specifically at public sector marketing and communications professionals, and tailored for the government environment.

For more information visit: www.ami.org.au

Question Time: Mind Your Language

12 August 2014, Melbourne

Verbal identity…Brand language…Tone of voice…Copywriting…

Call it what you will, there’s no denying the power that words play in bringing brands, designs and campaigns to life.

 Join us for a grammatically correct evening as we banter about the critical role of language in the world of design and branding with a trio of the nation’s finest pens for hire. AGDA Victoria has put together a fantastic panel of creative writers for its ‘Copywriting’ themed panel, and you get to ask all the questions. For those of you not familiar with the format, it goes something like this… Every few months, AGDA Victoria invite three prominent and respected professionals to sit beneath the spotlight, and be poked and prodded by your questions on all things design. We aim to promote open, stimulating dialogue between students, young designers and established professionals in a relaxed environment. Seats are limited and will sell out quickly, so get in early.

For more information visit: www.agda.com.au

Content Strategy Workshop

12 August 2014, Sydney
26 August 2014, Melbourne

The Content Strategy Workshop will be running in again Sydney and Melbourne, August 2014. This one-day practical and interactive workshop helps participants build a Content Strategy Framework that drives demand and engagement across digital channels. Workshop Facilitator: Jonathan Crossfield – Storyteller, Writer and Content Marketing Consultant. Learning outcomes include:

  1. Build an integrated content strategy that unifies all elements to deliver your brand story across digital channels
  2. Streamline the process for planning, creation, publishing and governance of digital content
  3. Produce consistently relevant and compelling digital content to enhance online customer engagement
  4. Implement a content-led digital marketing model that engages customers at every stage of the buying cycle
  5. Develop a clear plan to test, measure and refine your content strategy

For more information visit: http://www.digitaltrainingevents.com/

The Power of Data in Marketing

13 August 2014, Perth

In a world of big data, how can ‘Analytics Thinking’ assist you in your role? Please join us for our upcoming forum on ‘The Power of Data in Marketing’ where Deloitte Analytics Partner Coert Du Plessis will explore the role data can play in successful marketing delivery. Coert will lead a discussion on the following:

  • What is data, why is it important to us as marketers and the cost of NOT utilising data?
  • Where data can be collected and in what forms?
  • Got the data? How do we use it and make it sexy?
  • Ways in which data can be displayed and interpreted?
  • What are examples where data has played a crucial role in addressing a customer problem?
  • Is there still space for professional business relationships in our data orientated world?
  • What can data science can teach to those within professional services marketing?

For more information visit: www.apsma.com.au

Victoria Backstage Tour 2014

14 August 2014, Melbourne

ADMA Victoria’s Backstage Tour – A Day in the Life of a data-driven marketing campaign.

Here’s your unique opportunity to spend a day with industry leaders and subject matter experts, as we take you through the life of a data-driven marketing campaign, including site tours of Melbourne’s leading marketing and advertising, print, mail house and digital organisations. Join us on a road trip to gain real-life insights into the planning, creation and execution of a campaign with CUBED Communications, Inivio, Action Mailing Lists, Blue Star Print Group, Oracle/Responsys and Australia Post. What’s unique about the ADMA Backstage Tour? You’ll see and hear from an integrated results-driven agency, two specialist data solutions providers, a mail house, a printer, see the Australia Post mail centre in action and learn from a global digital service provider. They will share their insights, tips and tricks to help make your next data-driven marketing campaign even more successful.

For more information visit: http://www.adma.com.com/

Buying and Managing Research in the World of 2014

14 August 2014, Canberra

The ACT Division of the Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS) runs a network where AMSRS members and non-members involved in research can openly discuss research with their peers and colleagues. The network is for government agency and market research company representatives, and it’s a forum where we leave our hats at the door and participate as individuals with a common interest. Through the network, AMSRS is seeking to help improve the quality of market and social research done by Government

For more information visit: http://www.amsrs.com.com/

CMO Summit 2014

18 to 20 August 2014, Gold Coast

The Fifth Annual CMO Summit is the premium forum bringing elite buyers and sellers together. As an invitation-only event taking place behind closed doors, the summit offers chief marketing executives and agencies and consultants an intimate environment for a focused discussion of the key new drivers shaping the marketing agenda.

For more information visit: http://www.me-uk.com/summit/newsletter.asp?eventid=20593&RecID=7735&me_cid=33147&Date=4/23/2014%205:26:40%20AM&AD=cmoanzmore

Marketing that Really is Life or Death

19 August 2014, Brisbane

Gary Bristow, Head of Marketing, Australian Red Cross will share what Red Cross has learnt over nearly a century of marketing. Find out how they’ve remained relevant and adapted their marketing and communication strategies by keeping abreast of the latest channels. With around five million direct communications each year to their one million supporters, Red Cross know how to engage, convert and manage their prospects to get results in today’s highly competitive market.

For more information visit: http://www.adma.com.au

Invest in Success: Business Strategy Masterclass

20 August 2014, Brisbane

The business model canvas workshop is a great opportunity to step outside your business and look at it strategically. The canvas is a strategic management tool that will allow you to review, describe, design, challenge, invent and reinvent your business. This truly is a workshop that you can’t afford to miss! Alan Scott, ex-Deloitte Partner and principal at Asmosys, will share with you his passion on working with companies in the areas of strategic planning, business models, coaching and facilitation. Alan has over 20 years experience providing practical business consulting, and focuses on working with businesses to build internal capability for external excellence.

For more information visit: http://www.agda.com.au

ADMA Think Tank: Customer Experience

20 August 2014, Sydney

Join us for our first ADMA Town Hall for 2014, focused on Customer Experience.

Over the past two months, ADMA has run two think tanks focusing on the concept of Customer experience and invited a number of industry leaders and ADMA Experts to help define:

  • What is ‘Customer experience’?
  • What are the practices that constitute a great customer experience strategy
  • Who is doing this well and what is their ‘secret sauce’?
  • Who should lead and own Customer experience in an organisation?

The Town Hall will include presentations from the Think Tank, guest speakers and networking drinks. It is open to the Expert Community and All Members

For more information visit: http://www.adma.com.au

The Future of Digital Retail

21 August 2014, Melbourne

Following the success of our NSW edition we’re bringing the event to Melbourne for our Victorian audience
Join us on the 21st August to discover how digital and physical retail is no longer an either-or question but of best strategy for incorporating one into the other. Discover how eRetailers as well as traditional bricks and mortar outlets are tackling a new and unique set of challenges that a fully digitised and fully mobile consumer presents. We’ll look to uncover how mobile is now the connective tissue in an increasingly non-linear path to purchase and how to marry the benefits of a personalised digital experience with the more emotive physical journey. The trend of ‘click and mortar’ is now beginning to evolve and according to eMarketer, over 80 percent of shoppers who visit an ecommerce site do not know what they want to buy, meaning in a $15 trillion global retail industry, the opportunity is boundless.

For more information visit: http://www.aimia.com.au

Protecting You Agency Against Copyright

21 August 2014, Sydney

The PRIA RCG and Copyright Agency Limited are working together to offer members unprecedented levels of protection and educate them on how to be copyright compliant.

For more information visit: http://www.pria.com.au

IAB Training: Ad Operations

21 August 2014, Melbourne
27 August 2014, Sydney

This event will be a practical introduction to digital ad operations. Topics covered will include:

  • Terminology and jargon
  • How to traffic a campaign and upload creative
  • How to track, measure and optimize your campaign for maximum results
  • Managing inventory and yield to achieve optimal value for your campaigns
  • Explore some of the major ad-serving platforms available to fully understand how to use ad management systems
  • Reporting and measurement and optimization plays a key role
  • Cookies and targeting: including how behavourial targeting and re-targeting works

For more information visit: http://www.iabaustralia.com.au

Multi-Screen TV Summit

21 to 22 August 2014, Sydney

The success of video on demand has changed the TV landscape enabling a vast array of video on demand platforms to be green lit. But multiple platforms has enabled more than just straight up VOD. Catch up television, new premium channels, new television apps, new programmatic trading regimes, native content channels, new reality TV formats and multi-channel sports broadcasts are all part of the new multi-platform mix. This has created a new TV consumer who wants to consume TV in a mix of ways and platforms. It has also created numerous ‘freemiumTV’ style business models for collecting revenues from advertisers and viewers. On top of this the days of selling spot advertising linked to specific demographic are over – Air time trading is about to be automated. The Australasian Video on Demand Summit brings together the who’s who of video on demand and multi-platform content production for two high powered days – examining video on demand, cross platform release strategies, catch up TV, programmatic trading, new ‘super’ reality TV formulas, new cross platform drama/ immersive formats and high speed WebTV.

For more information visit: http://www.informa.com.au/conferences/marketing-conference/media/multi-platform-tv-summit

Marketing Week 2014

25 to 29 August 2014, Adelaide

The largest annual marketing conference of its kind in Australia brought to you by the AMI will bring together presenters and delegates representing a range of industries including marketing, advertising, graphic design, and market research.

For more information visit: http://www.ami.org.au/imis15/AMI/Events/National_Conferences/AMI/Event_Content/National_Conferences.aspx

UX Australia 2014

26 to 27 August 2014, Sydney

It’s made up of two elements – hands-on workshops and the main conference itself. Hands-on workshops on 26-27 August will focus on in-depth practical skills, and will be taught by some of the best UX practitioners in the world. Some will be for people new to UX; some will give old hands something new to learn. The two days of main conference presentations (on 28-29 August) will cover a wide range of UX topics, from practical case studies to new approaches to how UX fits in an organisation. All presentations will be given by people with a ton of experience in their topic (though they may be new to conference speaking). And most importantly UX Australia gives you a chance to hang out, chat & network with more than 500 of Australia’s smartest UX folks.

For more information visit: http://www.aimia.com.au

ADMA Compliance and Croissants

27 August 2014, Sydney

Our next quarterly Compliance and Croissants breakfast for members is coming up next month. These breakfasts provide marketers and advertisers with detailed insights of topical issues that may be on the horizon, or have recently changed and are an avenue for ongoing compliance reviews. Our August presentation shall be delivered by Ms Carolyn Oddie, who is Partner at Allens law firm and Carolyn shall be discussing the following:

  • The Australian Consumer Law
  • Conduct to Watch Out For
  • Possible compliance measures that you could adopt

For more information visit: www.adma.com

The Client Value Proposition Code

28 August 2014, Brisbane

The concept of a “Client Value Proposition” (CVP) is a terrific tool for professionals and businesses to reflect on how clients perceive their business. Like any tool, however, the art is in understanding how – and why – to use it. Too many professionals misunderstand the purpose of a CVP and end up creating predictable, rehearsed paragraphs which serve no real life purpose. In this session, we revisit CVPs and reframe their critical purpose in your business. Join us and David King from Vue Consulting for this session, in which David will cover the following:

  • Understand what a CVP is used – and not used – for in your business
  • See why most CVPs fail to achieve their primary purpose
  • Review and participate in a three step CVP building process
  • Reflect on your own CVPs and rebuild a more focused version
  • Compare your CVPs to other businesses to see if you can differentiate

For more information visit: http://www.apsma.com.au

Problogger Training Event

29 to 30 August 2014, Gold Coast

At this event you’ll learn from experienced international and local speakers with practical training you can go away and implement. The ‘Foundation’ sessions are for bloggers who are starting out or want to revisit the basics and then the in depth ‘Going Pro’ sessions are for bloggers who are already profiting but want to go to the next level. Fee includes catering and Friday networking event.

For more information visit: www.probloggerevents.com


AMSRS Conference

4 to 5 September 2014, Melbourne

Gain access to a world of new ideas, information and opportunities with the Australian Market & Social Research Society Annual Conference from international keynote speakers and thought leaders. Explore new thinking, technological updates, methodological updates and emerging trends while experiencing prime networking opportunities.

For more information visit: www.amsrs.com.au/conference-information

Digital Brand Strategy Workshop

9 September 2014, Sydney

The Digital Brand Strategy Workshop will be running in Sydney and Melbourne, September / October 2014. This one-day practical and interactive workshop helps participants build their Brand Story consistently and effectively across digital channels. Facilitated by Tony Eades – Brand Strategist, Creative Director and Strategic Marketing Consultant. Limited to only 20 participants. Learning Outcomes:

  1. Develop an integrated Digital Brand Strategy that aligns your business, marketing and digital objectives
  2. Build a unique brand story that properly represents and differentiates your business
  3. Implement a brand messaging framework that drives all of your marketing and communications
  4. Create unique and engaging brand experiences across digital channels
  5. Establish meaningful brand metrics to measure and improve brand performance
  6. Discover the four actions companies must now take in order to attract visitors, generate leads and covert customers

For more information visit: http://www.brandstrategyworkshop.com/

Western Australia Marketing and Business Networking Congress

9 to 10 September 2014, Perth

The congress is a joint initiative between the Australia Marketing Institute, the Public Relations Institute of Australia, the Communications Council and the Australian Market and Social Research Society. It is a chance to hear the latest updates in the field of marketing and to network with a wide variety of colleagues.

For more information visit: www.ami.org.au>


PRIA Victoria: 10th Anniversary Women in PR Forum 2014

10 October 2014, Melbourne

PRIA invites ladies and gentlemen to the 10th anniversary Women in PR Forum on Friday, 10 October 2014. This will be the tenth consecutive Women in PR Forum held in Victoria, and with your support will be the best yet. Book your seat or a table and join more than 300 of Victoria’s most influential women for a thought-provoking afternoon of conversations. As well as being a professional development opportunity, the 2014 Women in PR Forum raises money for a charity each year.

For more information visit: www.pria.com.au

IAB Training: Data for Advertising

23 October 2014, Sydney
A deeper look into what data means in the advertising world. This one day courses looks specifically at the use of data for advertising, more specifically campaign targeting, optimisation and verification. Topics to be covered include:

  • Understand how using audience data is changing the way in which marketers are thinking about engaging their consumers
  • Learn what DMP’s do and why clients, publishers and media agencies are investing so heavily in proprietary data solutions
  • Explore how data is being used to verify campaign success metrics and the challenges traditional research companies are facing with panel based measurement tools
  • Data privacy and protection and how this is affecting your business and you as a consumer
  • How data is being applied in the programmatic trading space and how this is evolving traditional media planning and buying
  • A global look at data usage and how Australia differs from markets across Europe and the US

For more information visit: www.iabaustralia.com.au

IAB Training: Programatic Trading

30 October 2014, Melbourne
The only training course in Australia focused on the impact of programmatic technology on digital media planning and buying. Topics to be covered will include:

  • The basics of programmatic trading like acronyms and key players
  • Real time bidding and he benefits of this type of buying
  • The inventory landscape – understand how open exchanges, networks and private marketplaces work
  • Opportunities and the challenges of programmatic trading
  • How to run and optimise digital campaigns through real-time bidding

For more information visit: www.iabaustralia.com.au