Recently, Experian Marketing Services released a very comprehensive report on just how marketers can reach today’s always on, highly engaged and demanding consumer in an integrated way across a variety of digital marketing channels including email, display advertising, mobile, search and social media.

The report contains trends, predictive benchmark data and analytical insights which are aimed to assist marketers in maximising opportunities and ROI. While much of the data is US based, it is still very relevant and topical for Australian marketers.

What kind of information can you expect to find in this report? Well, we thought we’d share a couple of insights with you below:

  • 44% of emails are opened on mobile devices
  • Personalised promotional emails had 29% higher unique open rate and 41% higher click rates than non personalised email
  • Around 1/4 of adults (aged 35-49 years) visit websites on 4+ different devices a week
  • 35% of marketers said response attribution (understanding the impact of multi channel marketing programs) was the most challenging multichannel marketing issue for their organisation.
  • The most profitable social sharing level is the first degree of separation (e.g you recommend a product or service to a friend via a link and then they buy it).
  • Australians are among the most avid users of smartphones in the world with sales exceeding those of PCs

At the conclusion of the report Experian state that “...marketers must unite their messages across those touch-points to create relevant experiences regardless of the customer’s channel or device preferences.” and to “…differentiate your business by providing excellent service and one-to-one connections — in other words, be customer obsessed.

We would highly recommend downloading a copy of the full report for yourself here, it is a really handy reference for any marketer.

If you’re looking for more information on digital marketing trends, check out our previous article Digital Marketing Trends In Australia.

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