SEO 101: Google Ranking Factors for 2014

by Bernard Somja on April 14, 2014

Google Ranking Factors Image

SEO is still going strong – many had predicted it to be dead over the last 18 months, notably with the advent of Social & Online Reputation and the diminishing value of links into Google’s algorithm. Truth is that 2014 still sees a major need for page and website optimisation in order to rank well. [...]

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Anatomy Of A Google Results Page – Part 2

by Bernard Somja on January 22, 2014

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Once you understand the components of a Google search results page, it is time to find out how these websites get there in the first place. Only after you have a firm understanding of the various ways in which to get a link on Google’s search page, then will you be able to formulate a [...]

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Post image for Trends, Benchmarks And Insights – Digital Marketing In 2013

Recently, Experian Marketing Services released a very comprehensive report on just how marketers can reach today’s always on, highly engaged and demanding consumer in an integrated way across a variety of digital marketing channels including email, display advertising, mobile, search and social media. The report contains trends, predictive benchmark data and analytical insights which are [...]

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Measuring The ROI Of Your SEO Campaign

by Mike van der Heijden on November 21, 2012

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Hi everyone, my name is Mike van der Heijden and I work as a Senior Business Analyst at SEO Works, an Australian based SEO services provider with offices throughout Australia. I have been invited to be a regular contributor to on everything and anything in the wonderful world of online marketing. Today’s article discusses [...]

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What Everybody Ought To Know About Infographics

by on August 8, 2012

Marketing Infographic Mania

We all love a good infographic and their popularity is on the rise both worldwide and in Australia. This week in order to honour the humble infographic, we decided to give it a crack ourselves. Not only were we pleasantly surprised at how easy it was, it was also a lot of fun! We hope [...]

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Post image for Who Knew Insurance was so Expensive: Topping Google AdWords Cost-Per-Click List for 2011

So, by now, we all know what Google AdWords are, right? For those of you that have had your heads buried in the sand for the last 10 years or so, they are those little text ads that appear whenever you search for something (using Google obviously). Google makes an absolute fortune from these little [...]

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