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Our friends at Media Connections got in touch with a special membership offer they are running this week that we wanted to share with our readers. Media Connections is the place where story ideas, media and publicity meet. As a Media Directory, they offer business, PR and marketing companies a channel to submit releases [...]

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The Real Cost of Marketing

by Sally Wood on February 5, 2012

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How much marketing costs, or how much to spend on marketing can be a very tricky question for a lot of companies to their collective head around. It’s kind of like the chicken and the egg scenario. You need to undertake marketing to attract clients but unless you have clients (and therefore a bit of [...]

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Post image for Ad Spend or Editorial Placement – Advertising Versus Public Relations

Consumers are often unaware of product placement, of the use of integrated marketing campaigns, and celebrity and media endorsements to ensure a product’s success. These tactics are increasing due to difficulties capturing the attention of Y gen. No matter how much public relations consultants want to believe it – there is no research to support [...]

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How to Get the Best Results from Your PR Agency

by Sally Wood on October 1, 2011

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So, you’ve decided that your brand needs a helping hand to get cut-through in today’s cut-throat consumer driven market. You’re set with the advertising campaign but a bit unsure on what PR even is, let alone what its benefits are. Isn’t it all just spin? Don’t today’s marketing savvy consumers see through PR fluff these [...]

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