Post image for Facebook Statistics in Australia: Use them to Stand Out from the Crowd

Understanding Facebook statistics in Australia, and Facebook user patterns is vital. With it becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd on the popular social media platform, an in-depth understanding of Facebook statistics might give you a completive edge. Understanding Facebook statistics is a bit like using a megaphone; it will amplify your voice, [...]

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3 Ways To Up Online Sales In 2014

by Lachlan Brahe on January 8, 2014

3 Ways To Up Online Sales In 2014

Australians are set to spend over $28.3 billion dollars online in 2014. That’s just over 10 per cent of Australia’s entire annual retail outlay. But what’s keeping some retailers ahead now will only be enough to keep them in the game in 2014. Last year the focus was on ensuring a simple, intuitive checkout process, [...]

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marketing predictions

Earlier in the year we shared with you our article on Marketing Predictions for 2013. We reviewed some local and international marketing predictions and trends from industry leaders and experts and it may come as no surprise, they were pretty much spot on. Just in case you missed it, here’s a little wrap of the [...]

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Case Study: SMS Gateway Nurtures Sales

by Agus Echagüe on October 31, 2013

Post image for Case Study: SMS Gateway Nurtures Sales

So you don’t think your online sign up process needs SMS gateway support? Take the case of one our clients in the energy comparison business, who has given us permission to use their experience with our SMS gateway as a case study. For this article we will refer to them as ‘Energy-Comparator X.’ An involved [...]

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Post image for Trends, Benchmarks And Insights – Digital Marketing In 2013

Recently, Experian Marketing Services released a very comprehensive report on just how marketers can reach today’s always on, highly engaged and demanding consumer in an integrated way across a variety of digital marketing channels including email, display advertising, mobile, search and social media. The report contains trends, predictive benchmark data and analytical insights which are [...]

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How Are Australian Marketing Budgets Being Spent In 2013?

by on April 9, 2013

Post image for How Are Australian Marketing Budgets Being Spent In 2013?

This week Simon O’Day, Vice President Responsys Asia Pacific got in touch with us to share with us a snapshot of how Australian marketing budgets are being spent in 2013 (see infographic below). The data is from the Responsys global annual Marketing Budgets report conducted in partnership with Econsultancy. It is not surprising that 71% [...]

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What Is The Multi-Screen Revolution?

by on March 15, 2013

Multi Screen Image

There seems to be a lot of buzz about the “Multi-screen world”. The term multi-screen (also called multi-device) refers to when we are using multiple screens/devices (e.g TV, Laptop, Mobile and Tablet) either simultaneously (e.g watching TV and browsing the web on your mobile/tablet) or sequentially (e.g browsing your mobile to search for a flight [...]

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5 Tips To Capture Mobile Clicks

by on February 13, 2013

Post image for 5 Tips To Capture Mobile Clicks

Most marketers are well aware by now of Mobile Love In Australia and the Mobile Marketing Trends that have changed the way we engage with our customers. The importance of optimised web content and email for mobile devices should never be underestimated. Responsys, a leading provider of email and cross-channel marketing solutions, got in touch [...]

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❄ How To Avoid Losing Sales This Festive Season ❄

by on November 16, 2012

Post image for ❄ How To Avoid Losing Sales This Festive Season ❄

Are you sitting down? Yes, Christmas will be here in just 40 days! While retailers eagerly await for the dollars to start rolling in, they should be wary of overseas competitors getting in early for their slice of the pie. Tim Beverage from Responsys kindly got in touch with us to share his advice for [...]

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