Tired Presentations? Alternatives to PowerPoint

by marketing.com.au on September 6, 2012

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We recently discussed some top tips for creating great presentations. However, in this post we’d like to discuss some great alternatives to just defaulting to Microsoft PowerPoint. There are a growing number of people now relying on cloud based Internet hosted applications for presentations, without the need for desktop software. Not only does this make [...]

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Tablet Advertisers Need to Step Up

by Sally Wood on June 4, 2012

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While we congratulate companies who have jumped on the tablet advertising bandwagon, we suggest that they look closely at how they are constructing their tablet advertisements. Early adopters are failing to take advantage of tablet orientation changes (portrait to landscape) and, more importantly, the interactive capabilities of tablets. In fact, most tablet advertisements are simply [...]

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Interesting Trends in Mobile Access in Australia

by marketing.com.au on November 6, 2011

Mobile Usage Trends in Australia

With smartphone usage in Australia estimated at a whopping 40%, if you’re not already getting serious about mobile, now may be the time. According to Morgan Stanley research mobile internet access will be greater than access from laptops and desktop computers. And according to Google, 44% of searches last-minute gifts will be performed on mobile [...]

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